I'm David Samacoïts-Etchegoin

Graphic/UI/UX Designer, Web Developer

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David Samacoïts-Etchegoin

Graphic/UI/UX Designer, Web Developer

Born and raised in France, I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful, and intuitive interface designs. I've always been interested in human-computer interaction and user interface design and this why I took Computer Science at University of Pau. I am constantly working on self development and always trying to learn new things.

When I'm not designing, developing or generally making the web a prettier place, you'll find me reading about design trends, listening to, playing or composing music, watching the latest trendy TV show, running (yes, even if it's rainy or snowy) or waiting for my tea to be ready.

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Professional Skills

I can say I’m quite good at

Web development

UI/UX design

Graphic design

Personnal Skills

This is who I am

Creative & Innovative

Team player

Fast learner

Work Experience

My previous associations

Aug 2014

Crédit Agricole International banking group

Web & Mobile analyst, Web developer

• Designed promotional material in a variety of mediums
• Worked on high visibility website, averaging 2.5 millions visits a month
• Managed digital marketing including social media, email campaigns, web and mobile analytics
• Created online surveys and contests that boosted online users recrutement

Sept 2012


UI/UX designer, Web & Mobile developer

• Designed, coded and tested mobile applications and websites

Apr 2013
Aug 2014

Kapsicum Digital agency

Web & Mobile architect

• Trained customers in proper use of websites
• Created all-in-one web-based email service using Mailjet API
• Produced mobile applications, websites and B2B/B2C online stores

Jan 2013
Apr 2013

Bluelogic Digital marketing agency

Web developer

• Improved a B2C online store and created a Prestashop plugin for clothes customisation
• Trained developers and customers in use of PhoneGap, Wordpress, Unix

Jan 2012
Jul 2012

Ekko Communication Web agency

Web & Mobile developer intern

• Co-developed a dynamic and secure crowdfunding website using Symfony framework
• Created a native Android application and visually appealing websites

Jan 2011
Oct 2011

UPPA University

Web developer intern

• Built an online language learning platform used by about 5k students
• Planned and led complete project development life cycle

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career


Master’s of Science in Internet Technology

University of Pau, France

Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science

University of Pau, France


Things I've made

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Contact details

60 Rue Lacaou, Appt Q21 64140 Billère, FR

+33 658 15 14 60



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